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Through the recent experience I have gained through diverse employment within education sector I have learnt a lot about my values and objectives as a teacher as well as reinforcing prior discoveries. I think that one guiding pedagogical principle for me is that I put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into my lessons, but that I also expect a lot from my students in return. I take my role as a teacher very seriously, and I feel a responsibility to my students as well as to myself to ensure that I come to every lesson well prepared with knowledge of content as well as strategies for engaging students and for catering for the different needs and abilities of my students.

I have found that my passion and excitement for teaching has allowed me to be generous with my students, not only in sharing different techniques and methods of working that I have developed through my own artistic endeavours, but also in sharing material resources that I have bought or collected for my own personal use. I have also found that my genuine enthusiasm for students’ artworks is not limited to the high standards of a select few, but that seeing any of my students engaged with a task and applying themselves provides me with enormous satisfaction and excitement for the work they are producing.

Central to my love of teaching is the inspiration and rapport that I am able to exchange with my students. I have found that establishing a positive rapport with my students is one of my strengths as a teacher. I also allow myself to be inspired and guided by student’s approaches to artmaking and theory, and am always open to adapting tasks to accommodate new approaches. Where possible, I also try to apply this flexibility to students who may be producing quality work that may not fit quite within my intended guidelines for that task. As a teacher, I am always aware that a students experience of art through participation in my class may be formative, and could be the difference between them establishing a life long engagement with Visual Arts, or them neglecting it indefinitely. With this responsibility in mind, I am always conscious of negotiating a balance between delivering engaging, dynamic content, whilst still ensuring that I impart fundamental knowledge and skills to my students.

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