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Lolo and the Runaway Home


Come on a epic journey with Lolo, the brave young boy who sets out to rescue his family’s home after it is washed away by the river. Determined to retrieve it, Lolo follows the river away from his mountain village, entering an unfamilar world of underground towns, wild forests, tree-top villages, and bustling, chaotic cities. In this heroic quest, Lolo encounters a bewildering assortment of creatures and has wild adventures, learning important life lessons along the way.

Book available for purchase from Blurb in standard and premium lustre paper options.




A lovingly created tribute and memoir to the author’s great-grandparents, Moisei and Anna Broit, and their monumental immigration from Siberia to Australia in the 1920’s. The Broit’s fled Jewish persecution in Europe and overcame many hardships on their journey to a new life in Australia, arriving in Sydney penniless and unable to speak English. The author tirelessly scavenged and transformed toys and built miniature sets to chronicle their lives and commemorate their incredible chutzpah.

Book available for purchase from Blurb in hard and soft cover options.


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