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Luci Crocodile revised

Man vs Toy 1/3

Alien car crash final version with borders

Man vs Toy 2/3

dollhouse FINAL version

Man vs Toy 3/3


Landscape Interrupted 1/2


Landscape Interrupted 2/2

dolphin bowl

Dolphette 1/4


Dolphette 2/4

Dolphin raft

Dolphette 3/4


Dolphette 4/4

Family portrait

Chutzpah 1/8

black market

Chutzpah 2/8

execution revised

Chutzpah 3/8


Chutzpah 4/8


Chutzpah 5/8

China guide

Chutzpah 6/8


Chutzpah 7/8

shoes revised

Chutzpah 8/8

caveman A3

Prehistoric Love 1/15

bench A3

Prehistoric Love 2/15

caveman opera house A3

Prehistoric Love 3/15

Picnic A3 SIZE

Prehistoric Love 4/15

bush walk A3

Prehistoric Love 5/15

Art gallery A3

Prehistoric Love 6/15

surf A3

Prehistoric Love 7/15

studio A3 censored

Prehistoric Love 8/15

Proposal A3

Prehistoric Love 9/15

Motorbike wedding A3

Prehistoric Love 10/15

pirate A3

Prehistoric Love 11/15


Prehistoric Love 12/15

He man affair A3 censored 2

Prehistoric Love 13/15

wrestling A3

Prehistoric Love 14/15


Prehistoric Love 15/15

Water Buffaloes Peacock Peacock Peacock Mohammed Mohammed Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Starfish Thai Dragon Ganesh Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe Chinese Warrior Italy Thailand Malaysia Europe Italy Italy Italy Italy Norway Scotland World Domination Tour Number 2 Morocco Morrocco Morrocco Israel Honduras Honduras Guatemala Mexico The Americas The Americas Rambling Volume 3 Mexico Greece San Francisco Jordan Jordan Egypt Egypt Egypt Israel Israel Rambling Volume 2 Israel Spain Holland Switzerland Barcelona Paris Europe My Stuff Rambling Volume 1 New York Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Countries I done saw Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Vietnam Laos Laos Laos Europe Portugal Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar Paris Switzerland Europe Europe India India India Water Buffaloes Starfish Starfish Starfish Starfish Starfish Sikh Sikh Novice Novice Peacock Peacock Ganesh Ganesh Ganesh Senorita Senorita Senorita Mohammed Mohammed Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Jeepney Chinese Warrior Chinese Warrior Chinese Warrior Thai Dragon Thai Dragon Maracas Maracas Cantante Mariachi Mariachi Mariachi Mariachi Virgin of Guadelupe Virgin of Guadelupe Virgin of Guadalupe Virgin of Guadalupe Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe Man vs Toy 1/3 Man vs Toy 2/3 Man vs Toy 3/3 Landscape Interrupted 1/2 Landscape Interrupted 2/2 Dolphette 1/4 Dolphette 2/4 Dolphette 3/4 Dolphette 4/4 Chutzpah 1/8 Chutzpah 2/8 Chutzpah 3/8 Chutzpah 4/8 Chutzpah 5/8 Chutzpah 6/8 Chutzpah 7/8 Chutzpah 8/8 Prehistoric Love 1/15 Prehistoric Love 2/15 Prehistoric Love 3/15 Prehistoric Love 4/15 Prehistoric Love 5/15 Prehistoric Love 6/15 Prehistoric Love 7/15 Prehistoric Love 8/15 Prehistoric Love 9/15 Prehistoric Love 10/15 Prehistoric Love 11/15 Prehistoric Love 12/15 Prehistoric Love 13/15 Prehistoric Love 14/15 Prehistoric Love 15/15 Wallpapering, The Price is Right Ochre Marble Rust sample Floorboards and aging, East Of Everything, TV Rust finish, East Of Everything, TV show Stained Glass, East Of Everything, TV Rust finish, East Of Everything, TV Wood Grain sample Wood grain sample Wood grain sample Fake Brick wall Wallpapering, Bueno Chocolate commercial Gold finish, Wild Sets Concrete, Wild Sets Stucco, Wild Sets Paver, Wild Sets Concrete finish, Wild Sets Replicating finish, Wild Sets Peeling paint, Vick’s commercial Aging, AFL commercial Chalk Sign, Revolver Films Aged Sign, Revolver Films Rust finish, Double Take, TV show Stone finish, Peter Pan, Film Natural finish, Peter Pan, Film Natural finish, Peter Pan, Film Wearable Television, Double Take, TV show Ye Olde Sign, Double Take, TV show Prince Guitar, Double Take, TV show Ned Kelly POV, Double Take, TV show First Aid Kit, Double Take, TV show Painting, Double Take, TV show Ye olde Boost Juice Stand, Double Take, TV show Pirate Maps, Double Take, TV show Name Plaque, Double Take, TV show Courtroom Relief, Double Take, TV show Gold Nuggets, Double Take, TV show Graphic Design, Double Take, TV show Antique Flash, Double Take, TV show Western Sign, Double Take, TV show Homemade Boat, Double Take, TV show Volcano for Beauty And The Geek, TV show McHappy Meal, Prop McHappy Meal, Prop Severed Limbs, Double Take, TV show Fake Rocks Shark Signage, TV show Pirate Sign, TV show Poster Design, Double Take, TV show Graphic Design, Double Take, TV show Book of the Dead, Double Take, TV show Edward Scissorhands, Double Take, TV show Tattooed Limb, Double Take, TV show McHappy Meal, Prop Security Sirens, Double Take, TV show volcom mural Mural, Maxibon Commercial Mural, The Price is Right, TV show Dive shop mural, Pulah Weh, Sumatra Mexican Restaurant Mural, Love My Way, TV show A Mid-Summer’s Nights Dream, Mater Maria College Goat Mural, Love My Way, TV show Kid’s Room Mural, Bondi Fairy Tale Book, Sun Studios Manga Mural, Stealth, Film Sun Studios Vehicle Mural, Asian Games, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, 2006 Volcom mural, General Paints Sydney The Green Groper, restaurant mural Mural, Maxibon Commercial Mural, Maxibon Commercial Volcom Mural, Aloha surf Shop, Manly Architecture Murals for Gorilla Construction Architecture Murals for Gorilla Construction Architecture Murals for Gorilla Construction Theatre Mural, Penrith Panthers Leagues Club Mural for Ghostrider, Film Mural for Korean car Commercial Mural for Sydney Theatre Company Photographers backdrop Murals for Insurance Commercial Bali Mural Mural for Glass Avenue, Newport Kid’s Room Mural, Bondi Aged Mural, East of Everything, TV show Tourist Map, East of Everything, TV show Who da guru? Ugly bird Peace, liberty and the Goons of Doom The hard green dates of Israel Siargao express Pissed in San Francisco Ode to the Peacocks Pelvis Loene Monet’s pet water buffalo Not Menny Novice Nepalese Water Lillies Varanasi vagabonds Koko goes loco Trouble brewing Indian carwash Tangerine dream Skating on thin wood Non smoking camel The girl with the yellow earring Pearl of the Orient 2 Summer fruit The tale of the worm Totem prawns Water Lilly The blonde bombshell Oberon Menobi Koko Pop Senorita Sara’s salud to Mucha Peanut and Nikki’s trailer eclipse Strange visions Morning of the earth The horrors of plastic surgery Tropical virgin Shady lane Mujer del rocas New Jersey foam party Star Dweller Sleep walking Ping Pong Parlour Nightmare in Sibolga Red heads Oma Trip to Endor Shan Sea of love Youth gone wild The running of the fools Plastercine lineup Meditation in blue Miss Kitty Stick Man Sri’s hamburger joint Tribal wallpaper Miss Bovine 2002 Mars bar dreaming March of the killer crabs Madi + Wally Love My Way Night of the dripping blood Lost in the Kareoke Kingdom Phoenix rising Lord of the Geckoes Lauren Lief and Amelia Squashed heads 2 Lahit phaset It’s mya papaya Revenge of the Sri Lankan secret police Squashed heads Luciana triptych Snuff movie Indian Tabbie wears red scrunchie Iced dragon Hump day Ragga Muffin war cry Surfer girl Hindu picnic Holiday in Cambodia Heron in Narrabeen Hay I have known Golden girl on shag carpet Balinese Gecko Gazelle Fresh lizard Free Tibet Flip Flop Shuffle Fool on the hill Flat Sumatran tyre man Far Out East Explosive Egypt! Sadhu Surfer Equillibrium Einstein’s little known experience in genetics Dream killers Duck Man Discotecha Redhead Disco girl Dalli’s dog Churros for the people Calendar girl Cab Man Braaasil Boticelli space cake Blue steel Blue Elvis Black mamma Bessame mucho Baron-esque mutations Baby Elephant walk And the band played on – Volume 3 Apatasaurus And the band played on – Volume 1 And the band played on – Volume 2 And on we travel Amristar Sikhar Americalia Alive in the big fantastic Action mans bbq Action man in Tahiti A quiet long neck
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